The Safety Factor

There are times when a body is so deficient in a certain mineral or vitamin that when a body has access to that mineral or vitamin it hoards it, effectively filling the cell with the needed elements. The problem of “toxicity” then arises as in all but angstrom sized particle cases; the particles are too big to leave the cell easily. The resultant over-crowding results in the cell dying and as we just saw the cell replication process would be compromised.

The magic of this method allows the excess particles to move freely out of the cell when the cell has replenished its stocks and this excess is placed in the normal food waste system of the body, typically urine. The excess is then passed out without any adverse effect and ensuring the absence of over feeding within the body.

This method then clearly allows the body to naturally regulate and reset its own cells thereby ensuring maximum health potential for each individual body. Once this re-setting is complete the maintenance of the nutritional support is easy and safe to continue on a daily basis keeping the recipient body in a constant state of optimal health.