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When I ordered my first gallon of 50-50, I really didn’t know much about cell ready products and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a barrel racer and ride barrel futurity horses and we are very picky of what we feed our horses. After the first gallon my 4 year old stallion feels better and rides better than ever before. He is controlled, but has the speed when I need it.
I also had a 13 year old gelding with colic several weeks ago and had to spend several days at the equine hospital. When I got him home he still did not act right or look right. I put him on 50-50 and within a few days he was bright in his eyes and was loping out to the pasture.
I have seen the results in the 50-50. It’s at a GREAT price and it’s all what humans can take. I have also used the MJW on me and my horses. It made the pain in my knee go away. It didn’t get hot or cold; it just stopped the pain, now I know how good it can make my horses feel.
Thanks for some great products!!!
Anchors away ranch

I started using the product in May of 2009. It just so happened when you stopped to visit I had a bug going through my barn and I had several horses really down sick.
You were trying to explain your product and I needed to know will it would help these horses now. When you are in this business, having sick horses is disastrous!
I have to say I was absolutely amazed how well and fast it worked. I had several horses showing and performing better than ever within a week. I mentioned that this is great medicine! You reminded me that your product wasn’t medicine, but cell ready nutrition and should be fed every day. I finally got it! My daughter has a 25 year old pony riding cross country. Now and she has to hold him back!! I am ordering more of “The Magic Juice” (as we call it).

Thanks again!
Saddlebred Trainer

Thoroughbred using the 50/50 product from not placing to 3rd to 1st by 4 lengths running 5 furlongs! I can attest to the fact that your product doesn’t test positive for drugs……. had tests after the Big WIN. “Believe me…….the thought crossed my mind when he went to the test barn, ‘Will he pass?’. My stomach literally flipped! When they released the money I breathed a big sigh of relief. I was so thrilled to get a win and get paid!

The product is approved for sale in the UK. (27 countries) The UK has the mad cow disease problem to contend with so a new product really gets a thorough look before being approved. It took 9 months to pass the first go around and then the final approval. No small task. Thank you Alan for getting that done! Woodbury TN.

11 days and my old gelding is already is showing weight gain, shinier & feeling better.

Thank you.

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