Laminitis is an inflammation of certain internal structures of the hoof. This painful and serious condition causes lameness; the horse may lie down to try to relieve the pain in his hooves. The affected foot may feel hot to the touch.

There are numerous causes, most relating to some type of whole-body stress (trauma, colic surgery, hormonal disorders, etc.). Another common cause is eating too much grain. Other less common causes are untreated infections, working a horse on very hard ground (e.g., asphalt), reactions to drugs, and reactions to agricultural chemicals—especially herbicides and fertilizers.

Add 50/50 to the feed enough to make wet and sprinkle on hay if possible is a good way to start.Spray the legs with MJW to relieve soreness and start the healing process. This is where cell ready minerals show up with quick relief. The minerals that are needed to start the healing are absorbed through the skin into the blood and delivered to the cells that are needing repair. So the laminitis is addressed from the inside and the outside to relieve the symptoms.