What is Cell Ready?

What is Cell Ready Technology?

The technique used to produce minerals which can both enter and leave a cell without causing damage was developed by a Minnesota company which produces human grade nutritional supplements in liquid form.

Copying the method used by plant root systems the mineral particles are reduced in size to obtain maximum absorption. The key is the specific size of the particles called angstrom size.

In normal solutions containing mineral and vitamin particles the particles are suspended between the water molecules using a protein. This format is called colloidal. A colloidal mineral/vitamin particle is usually between 5000 to 10,000 times larger than the angstrom sized particles used in the Environmental Farmacy products.

These angstrom particles now effectively become one with the water molecule. Unlike colloidal particles, the angstrom particles cannot be separated from the water molecule when placed in a centrifuge. They are demonstrably stable within the solution.

The beauty of the method is that when the water molecule breaks down and its element enters the cells the minerals and or vitamins (in angstrom form) enter unimpeded.

To understand the real long term power of this method we must understand the nature of cell replication and renewal. In normal circumstances the cells go through a 120 day cycle where the cells copy themselves and ultimately are replaced by the new cells that are made. This natural 4 month cycle allows a supplementation protocol to effect positive change in the body as it “re-sets” its own cellular health by the appropriate nutritional support.

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  1. How wonderful for our animal friends, the opportunity’s to refresh seem wide open. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication, all who have worked on this I applaud!!
    I would like to know if it could be used around the other pets we have on the farm (cats and dogs) ,any precautions necessary?

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