Energy Makes a Difference

Environmental Farmacy’s products are manufactured under a MDA license.

What is the difference between healthy animals and those with an illness or disease?

This question is summed up in one word ENERGY.
Energy can influence the degree of health or disease. The right kind
of cell ready mineral energy in the animal’s diet will help achieve
better health. Cell ready means no digestion is needed to receive the
energy the cells require. A detailed explanation is available.

Nutritional products can be tested for energy sources.
We recently tested our products for energy levels. The numbers
clearly demonstrate that no compromise has been made in the
constant effort to maintain the highest product effectiveness while
maintaining affordability.
The test is measured in energy units. Environmental Farmacy’s
50-50 Specialized Mineral Blend product measured 1180.
The person that has does this kind of testing for over 30 years has
never tested any product over 1100 till now.
The testing results clearly demonstrate that EF is leading the charge
for optimum animal nutritional health and energy.
Testimonials from barrel racing to thoroughbred racing are

Also manufactured is the C-1100 The Giant Fighter.
A specially mixed product that is used to treat the very unique
health challenges. It is rated at 1400+. The Giant Fighter is
sought after for human use primarily.
A signed product Liability release form is required to purchase.
50/50 and BMW have proven their ability to treat the general
animal health concerns at this time. Environmental Farmacy’s
products are made with the best human grade products available.

    Energy comparison test results.


Leading nutraceutical (Vibe)      560 units


The one doing the tests stated that 1200 and above has not been achievable until now!


C-1100  The Giant Fighter        1400 units!


MJW   (sore muscle-joint-wound)            750 units


Raw ATP   ( molasses based)     1180 units


Spa Mineral concentrate (electrolytes) 780 units


50/50 race Booster                       1350 units


50-50 animal   product                1100 units


BMW (Water concentrate)              370 units


Hematonic      product                  640 units